Mia Reviews | 71 Above Los Angeles

71 Above Los Angeles

Modern American cuisine with breathtaking panoramic view

This new stunning restaurant is located at the top of the U.S. Bank Tower, which is the third tallest building in California and one of the tallest in the country. By the way U.S. Bank Tower is a historical place and you can read more about it in Wikipedia. It also has OUE Skyspace including the famous open-air observation deck and a transparent glass slide for the adventurous ones. 71 Above offers different kinds of tables for any mood and occasion. Here you have an opportunity to choose between bar, dining room, chef’s table, semi-private or private dining and the skylounge. Despite all this, the restaurant is not prim so you can feel free and leave your tie at home. Simple yet classy furniture, absence of tablecloth and minimalistic decoration indicate modern American style.

The place is perfect for couples, group of friends or just beautiful catch up with colleagues after work. You can also consider to book it for birthday, anniversary or other special occasions. It is not a good place for families with small kids though. The atmosphere is rather romantic, classy and peaceful. People come here to enjoy good dinner, maybe a glass of wine, mild conversation and of course the dazzling view. During the day one can discern smallest details and in the night it’s time to marvel at the stunning city illumination. Music is soft, just as the light, perfectly designed so you can admire a bird’s eye view of Los Angeles.

Build in a modern style, this dining room shines with glass and mirrors and owns some contemporary decorations. Wooden chairs and tables are very simple though and I would prefer something more convenient to seat. However, in general, the room looks reputable- it is bright, has heigh ceilings and occupy the whole floor. Comfortable, classy, yet not luxurious. Because of it’s interior design, I would compare this restaurant to a good four star hotel that happened to have a gorgeous view.

American modern cuisine is pretty similar to West European. Meat, seafood, traditional vegetables- all nicely cooked and beautifully served. In case you decide to visit this restaurant for lunch you will be offered 2 options- à la carte menu at the bar or a two-course menu at the dining room. 71 Above’s most popular classics are oyster prepared with caviar and champagne, hamachi with sesame, heirloom melon and yuzu as well as Foie Gras with Almond, Fig and Fennel and a very interesting presentation of Octopus in Za’atar, Lebneh and Stone fruit, which I would say is more Arabic dish then American, but still tasty. I also like their Halibut with Asparagus and Safran. For vegetarians – bright and colourful “Summer Squash” will be a great option. Desserts are less exotic and more American- cranberries with apples, caramel, pumpkin and of course chocolate !

Interestingly, under each dessert in the menu there is a wine suggestion. Usually people drink wine during the dinner itself, means it should be chosen according to your main course, but there is no such “pairing” in a food menu. However, well-trained waiter can easily help you with the right choice of wine. A wonderful, huge selection they keep here. In general, I found drink in this restaurant good and tastefully decorated. Whenever I visit a new place I always ask the waiter to create for me a special mocktail, as I do not drink alcohol. This is one more criterion I use to evaluate the quality of the dining room. A mocktail!- In fact just juices mixed together. One really need a talent to make a good looking non-alcoholic beverage that can compete with famous cocktails. In one place they can serve me apple-orange juice with 3 cubes of ice, the mixture any kid can make, in other I receive rhubarb-elderberry-ginger masterpiece decorated with flowers and honeycomb. So you can easily see the level of the restaurant.

Chef Vartan Abgaryan is, no doubt, a very talented and extraordinary man. This culinary creations look striking and exotic. So many flavours burst through your mouth at once. Though you should not expect portions to be large, like most of the dishes in U.S., but do expect flavours and combinations you have never experienced before.

This new hangout was opened in summer 2016 and deservedly ranked one of the best places in Los Angeles. Big, yet cozy 71 Above has many diverse zones and offers a wide choice of dining experience. Unfortunately and sadly, it is often a big issue to find a parking place for those who travel with a car. Central location and the vicinity of ever-busy Financial District make this restaurant hard to reach any time of the day. Large number of skyscrapers and lack of parking spaces is a real problem for L.A.’s downtown. Therefor, in best case you can find a spot at the private garage, as I did, and this will cost you around 50 $ ! which is, by the way, the exact price of lunch for one (two-course menu plus beverage) at 71 Above. As I mostly visit restaurants with my friends, to see and try as many dishes as possible, we payed for lunch for two sharp 100 $ including tips. I think it’s a regular price for a good restaurant and honestly do not understand why so many people claim this place “expensive”. I would even say the price is modest, considering that you getting an absolutely unique view! Tell me the truth, how many times you saw helicopters flying under while you enjoying your meal ? Rare experience, breaking moments.

I would definitely recommend this place to those who visit Los Angeles on lives there. However it is better to reserve a table beforehand, especially if you willing to seat next to the window. In case you planing to dine at standard time, around 7 pm, on the weekend and you want a specific view I would suggest to book a table few weeks in advance. Oh and one more thing, do not make a reservations through Open Table, unless you don’t care where to seat. On my opinion, if you decided to visit 71 Above book the window seat ! It is no doubt worth waiting! The view is the essential part of this dining experience and your satisfaction will not be complete without it. Take the window seat, otherwise, you won’t see the big difference between this place and any other fancy restaurant.