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Hello and welcome to Mia Reviews ! My name is Mia Olevski and this is the place where I’m sharing my experience and opinion on restaurants, cafes and food in general from all over the world. Based in Dubai and traveling enough, Im blessed with an opportunity to degustate the best dishes in UAE and overseas. Let me set it straight- “the best” does not mean “the most expensive”, therefore in my reviews you will find diverse kind of places for every taste and mood.

Having my own restaurant in Germany helped me to understand dinning business very well. In order to know this subject in and out I voluntarily worked in the kitchen, was helping the chef to create new dishes, coupe months spent being a waitress and even a bartender in my own restaurant.Now I know – how much a certain course should actually cost, whether the ingredients are really fresh and natural, what kind of service client should genuinely receive.

Possessing the skills of professional photographer and being the Bachelor of Media Design and Advertising I know how to make visual presentation in the best way. Colorful and vibrant living I’m leading in combination with an extensive life experience reflecting in my reviews, shaping them in a special, sparkling manner with an add of zest.

Did you know that 4 new eating spots opening in Dubai every day ? It means 1500 new restaurants and cafes a year, which makes this city actual foodie capital. Having this information, now you can understand how difficult it is to select the right place among countless thousands of options! Authentic photos and articles I’m placing here will guide you through the beautiful world of culinary arts and advice you were to go to get the best experience or which place will make your special occasion truly unforgettable! Bon app├ętit!

”Did you know that 4 new eating spots opening in Dubai every day ?Mia Olevski