A great alternative to common Starbucks

When I first saw %Arabica shop in Dubai I thought it’s a new local brand, made in UAE or at least somewhere in the Middle East. Probably most of the people think this way… only if you will do the research you will discover that %Arabica actually comes from Japan! Surprised? And so was I. Learning about this new coffee place excited me more and more, I came for Latte and found a whole new story. Beautiful, inspiring story about a boy who loved to travel around the world and who’s goal was to find answers to 2 essential questions: “Who am I?” and “What kind of life do I want to live?” and he found his answers and as the result first %Arabica coffee shop was born in Kyoto in 2014. To those who wants to go deeper and know the details I advise to visit the official website of the company.

At the moment there are 3 %Arabica location in Dubai: City Walk, Dubai Mall and Mirdif, as well as 1 shop in Abu Dhabi. In totally there are 17 locations world wide in Japan, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Oman, Philippines and China. Soon the concept arrive to France, Germany, Indonesia and other counties. I really wish them good luck! My favourite shops are in Dubai Mall and City Walk, you can often spot me there with my bestie. I usually take latte, hot for the winter and with ice for summer time. My friend loves %Arabica’s matcha, her lifestyle is super healthy, “green” and vegetarian this is why she was happy to discover matcha here, it’s her favourite drink now.


I also like the atmosphere and excellent service at this place. Smiles of the baristas are always sincere and it’s easy to see, mood is always up and feels like everyone is happy you came to visit. Oh, that gorgeous coffee aroma you smell once crossing the doorstep! And it looks like people leave their troubles behind that doorstep and for half an hour they become a bit more joyful and a bit less stressed… Beautiful, friendly ambience, highest quality of coffee beans, small sweet and savoury bites… all this in fact will make anyone feel better!

I appreciate simple, yet hail-fellow design of the place. Those long wooden tables and benches remind me school times and all the great adventures of this period in life. I guess it’s also subconsciously gives that good vibes to many of us. Just as in school when everything was easier and we, as kids, communicated to each other simply, here in %Arabica coffee shops you have a chance to make new friends or build up already exciting relationships. Chat, enjoy delicious coffee, relax and at least for short time allow yourself to forget the daily stress. A truly wonderful place. %Arabica is much more then just first quality coffee!