Beesket Juice Bar

Be creative and healthy

One of my favourite spots to stop by when in Dubai Mall. This unique juice bar offers you not only healthy drinks, but also an opportunity to get creative, mix and match, play and try something new. In this big world, full of tasks and responsibilities there are, probably, no adult who wouldn’t want to get back to childhood at least for a minute. Beesket Juice Bar let you have fun creating juice blends ! Colourful, entertaining and the most important- super healthy! Tasty blends content neither sugar no any artificial additives. Pure and natural – just the way drinks should be. Everything is easy:

1. Grab an empty beesket

2. Pick 3 capsules and put into beesket

3. Order your beesket

4. Enjoy your 100% natural drink!

There are dozens of fruits, vegetables and berries for you to choose from. No doubts the widest selection I’ve seen in UAE. Whether you want dragon fruit, peach or red cabbage- this Korean juice bar has it all. Very useful as well that next to each component you can see what kind of vitamins and microelements and how many calories you will get by choosing one or another ingredient. For example 100g of date juice will enrich your body with fiber and calcium, but also with 277 Kcal, while celery gives you Vitamins B1, B2, C and calcium at 16 Kcal only! If you start to read and learn you’ll find a lot of useful information during your juice preparation. Everything is simple, clear and amusing. Prices are conventional- approximately 45 Aed (12 $) per two person.

Beesket is a new successful concept that already has several shops across Asian region and continues expanding, at the moment there are 3 Beesket spots in Dubai in Sunset Mall Jumeirah 3, Dubai Mall and Beauty Connection Spa. More shops are coming soon and this, on my opinion, is a sign of a prosperous concept. The Dubai Mall brunch is conveniently located on the level 2, Grand Atrium of the Mall and is a great stop to rest a bit while shopping and get some energy boost. Also it’s perfect place to bring your kids- in a form of a game they will get some healthy nutrition, play and learn. Visit Beesket Juice Bar and enjoy delicious blends created by the one who knows exactly what is the best for you- yourself! Stay healthy and fit!