China Grill Dubai

Asian Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai Marina

A sophisticated dinner smoothly grows into a terrific party! This alluring two-storied hangout in the Westin Hotel is a great place for the young’n’rich. On the ground floor you can enjoy delicious asian cuisine and after 11pm proceed upstairs for cocktails and party the night away.

The menu at China Grill offers great variety with a lot of choice that both vegetarian and meat loving dinners alike will find tantalising and delicious. From foie gras, shrimp and mushroom siu mai to Asian 16 vegetable healthy salad- a wide selection, bright colours, palatable flavors. Those who decide to go for sushi are in for a pleasant surprise as the wasabi at China Grill is prepared right before your eyes. You will get a tiny cooking show at your table, which I believe makes the dinner experience unforgettable and gives you this special feeling you’re looking to get once you choose to dine out.

Mia Reviews | China Grill Dubai | Asian Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai Marina

The interior here is pretty simple yet classy with a light touch of modern art. Real stones hanging on the tips of delicate paper lamps all over the ceiling catch the attention and unconsciously bring your thoughts to those classic cultural Asian qualities of beauty, philosophy and the deep meaning of life.

One of my personal highlights of this dinner was their “chocolate flower pot”- a classy yet contemporary dessert, which will appeal to you with it’s elegant presentation and presently surprise you with it’s delicious interior. Also I would like to emphasise the attention to the detail the staff deliver was first rate – dishes served really well, the art of food presentation is clearly not just a bunch of words for the Chef and even the plates here look pretty stylish. A good selection of wine is awaits here for those who likes to enjoy a glass of “liquid relaxation”. The place itself has its original dark and romantic character. Music is soft and balmy though toward midnight it will get much louder and stronger, in case you’re planning a date and wish to talk intimately in a relaxed atmosphere my advice will be to keep that in mind. Approximately after 11 pm you will not be able to have conversations at China Grill anymore, but to enjoy DJ sets- for sure! Those who want to party can continue upstairs in a company of young and beautiful strangers.

Mia Reviews | China Grill Dubai | Asian Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai Marina

To sum up – China Grill is an appropriate place for a good romantic dinner and enjoy it’s culinary delights… A place where you can either catch up with old friends or make yourself new. It has both serene dinner and fun party mode. Whatever you prefer and depending on your mood chose one of the option or combine them! No matter what you decide you’re evening here will be pleasant filled with charming service excellent food and an atmosphere to suit whatever your mood is on the night!

Mia Reviews | China Grill Dubai | Asian Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai Marina