Chocolate Mushrooms – a novelty in confectionary business

Last week I visited Global Village in Dubai. An universal entertainment space with all kinds of fun, adventures, food and of course shops. Vendors from all over the world come here to sell their national products, they also constantly bring novelties to Dubai. This season I discovered unusual mushrooms in Turkish pavilion. Some sell only white and black and they look like a pretty normal champignons, one can pass by without nothing a difference. But once you see next to them bright and colorful ones, that look more like Easter eggs then you starting to peer closely! Here they are- neat and sapid, what’s inside, how do they taste, and how to consume them right ? So many questions when you see something you haven’t tried before. I got one box, which costs approximately 10$ and found out that one should put them in a microwave for about 30 seconds to 1 minute directly before eating. “The chocolate will melt inside and crispy frosting that covers the mushroom will stay solid, that tastes amazing!” – vendor explained to me. The next day I wanted to check whether I actually discovered something new or the Choco-Mushrooms are already known in the world. So I decided to ask you, my followers, on Instagram and created a poll: “Do you know them already.” Turned out nobody hear about this treat before as all 100% of your answers was “No”. This is how I got the idea to test the Mushrooms and write about the results.
First of all one should know that there are different kind of filling and you never know which one you’ll get cause they have nothing to do with the color of the champignons itself. By testing 15 mushrooms I found 2 different kinds of filling- milk and dark one. Which has nothing to do with chocolate that covers the filling from outside (the thick layer between the filling and the frosting) the chocolate is always milk one. 30 second in a microwave is not enough, so better do 1 minute or even 1:30’ – the filling has to melt properly not just to be warm. Don’t worry the frosting is well done and it’s not gonna crack from the heat. The taste is rich and heavy, pretty sugary, something for those sweet-tooth who like syrupy mawkish stuff. I’m a sweet-tooth as well though for me choco-mushrooms are frankly, a bit too sugary. I would love to try the same but in a dark chocolate version. The idea itself is great and innovative and it’s definitely worth to taste! I hope it will be developed further and soon we’ll be able to get more variations. Bitter chocolate for example with candied orange or chilly and salt would be a wonderful option, I think.