Ciel De Paris

Feel yourself at the top of the world !

Dining among the clouds is, by itself, an extraordinary experience, but when you will add to it one of the best views in the world – it becomes literally breathtaking. Tour Montparnasse is the tallest building in Paris, except the Eiffel Tower of course, but the whole point is to admire the famous Iron Lady of France, isn’t it ? So the Montparnasse tower is the place from where you can do it for sure. An exceptional panorama opens in front of the eyes of the guests, the whole city of lights seen perfectly clear from the 56th floor as if it would be lying on the palm of your hand. When all the other buildings in town are low and you are standing at the top of a skyscraper… well I think no need do explain how incredible the view here is. The name of the restaurant speaks for itself- Ciel De Paris means “The Sky Of Paris” which promises us the unique opportunity to appreciate the stunning French capital from the birds-eye view.

Excellent and friendly service, which is, surprisingly, not so common for upscale type of restaurants, yes, you heard it right! According to my experience, the more luxurious is the place the more arrogant and snobbish are the waiters. Not here! Thank God! Very positive and helpful staff, gave me great recommendations and assisted in making choices, without trying to sell the most expensive dishes. So, dear guests, you won’t feel here any superior vibes towards you from the garcons. All is nice and pleasant, yet the subordination is respected and so you will be treated as an important person- no familiarity, high level of quality.
The prices are, of course, a hint higher then in other, « common », restaurants, but let’s be honest- expecting from an outstanding place like this with it’s incomparable view to sell burgers for 5 euro would be the same as to expect a famous top model to be a cleaning lady in your house. Not gonna happen, it’s physically impossible ! Obviously you will have to pay for an opportunity to dine in a place like Ciel De Paris. But good news – it is not so expensive ! Even if you have only 20 euro in your pocket you can still enjoy a cup of coffee with a dessert in this place. A diner, however, would cost you around 100-200 euro. Depending, for sure, on what you will order. Personally me, I like the classics here – Foie Gras, Escargots, Lobster Salad… a great choice of meat dishes is also available. For dessert I would recommend an assortie from the Chef – a mix of the famous sweet treats.

Keep in mind that it’s better to make a reservation as there are not many seats (especially next to the window) at this dinner house. I would suggest you to call instead of emailing and better in advance. Also don’t forget to charge your phone to 100% as, I have no doubts, you will take a lot of pictures and maybe even do some FaceTime for your friends and family, the panorama is simply nonpareil ! Bon appétit!