Don't-Play-With-Food dogma

Don’t-Play-With-Food dogma

Being creative is a sign of inner freedom and youth. No matter how old you are, what position you’re in or where you come from- presence of good imagination means health and strength. I enjoy playing with food and other objects to create special composition just for fun, like this one on the picture. From one side it brings smile on people’s faces, from another side- develops you more then you think. Creativity is a nutrition for your soul and I hope we all know that soul is an actual leader in our body. Well, that’s the way it should be if you want to be happy, successful, loved and healthy.

Those who put their soul back and living only directed by brain most often having strong health or relationship issues. You, probably, heard that scientists officially confirmed existence of brain cells in human heart? Dr. J. Andrew Armour first introduced the term heart brain in 1991. He demonstrated the heart’s complex intrinsic nervous system qualified as a “little brain.” This heart brain, according to Institute of HeartMath, “is an intricate network of several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells, like those found in the brain proper.” For further information google the topic. I don’t want to tire you with scientific terms, that’s why will only say: “Follow your heart, live with your soul- otherwise you won’t feel like living at all”

If you only knew how much happier and healthier you become simply by being creative! Allow yourself this little amusement, feel free to compose! Even if it’s just those foolish, small drawings you automatically make while talking on the phone- let your creativity go out! What is it you always wanted to try? Any childhood hobbies you had to give up? Find what makes you smile and do more of it. Be playful, be uninhibited- it’s so attractive!

“You can’t play with food” they say? Of course you can! As long as you not wasting any- all good. HAVE AN EPIC SUMMER, EVERYONE!