Four Seasons at Sayan, Bali

The most sophisticated wild life you have ever seen

I would put it so: « Four Seasons in Ubud is the place you definitely should visit! It’s not just a luxury hotel, but a whole other world! » Looks like Nature and modern design are melting together in an incredible combination of high end elegance and that pure, authentic wild life so hard to find our days.

Ayung Terrace offers one of the best views in the country- with it’s rice fields and river sights this restaurant becomes a perfect place to visit no matter whether it’s sunny or rainy. The terrace is gorgeous even when it’s grey and cloudy, while most of the open air places look rather sad. I would call it a big advantage- as you know it rains often in this part of the country.

The interior of the restaurant is perfectly complete it’s jungle location. Wooden furniture, soft fabrics and natural colours – seems like every little detail is accurately written in nature’s masterpiece. Lush green vegetation as far as eye can see, fresh air of the best quality and even a small river among the trees. Exotic version of famous Enchanted Forest is just in front of us here. You can see it, hear it, smell it and even touch it- pleasure for all of your senses.

And now imagine having delicious lunch or upscale afternoon tea in the middle of this fairy tail ! An outstanding experience, truly nonpareil.

The restaurant serves tradition Balinese specialities with a western twist. Fragrant blend of Asian cuisine with European accents. I highly recommend you to try afternoon tea or to order several different appetizers – so you will try Balinese diversity and experience more of it’s unusual flavours.

Service, exactly as you expect it to be at Four Seasons- is on the highest level. Waiters are very friendly, though they do not cross the familiarity line, which makes you feel rather like « dear guest » than a « pal ». Competent staff is always happy to help you with the right choice according to your tastes and preferences. Timing is great as well – you will not be bored while waiting for the next dish, but also you won’t get all your orders straight one after another, so there’s enough time to relax, enjoy the ambiance and soak in this paradise.

This green oasis will give you the ultimate feeling of inner peace and harmony. Here you can rest with your soul. Feels like it was created to give us visual pleasure, make us closer to the nature and help to experience this world on another level. The place is perfect for deep conversations and is very romantic, therefore is it great for dates with beloved ones and gathering with friends, unless you planing a wild party. I would not recommend it for families with kids, not only because it’s quiet and people are relaxing there, but as well because of the safety reasons. As the hotel is located between the hills, with the fast river beneath it is dangerous to walk along the edge, very beautiful, but dangerous. Therefore I would not come here with a kid.

By the way Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan was voted # 1 Resort in the World by Travel and Leisure last year and I will not be surprised if the award will stay at the hotel this year as well.

Come to Four Seasons Ubud even if you live far every from this place – the hotel and its restaurants will make you say « wow » just as I did and you know how many incredible places i’ve seen 😉