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Jean-Georges Dubai

Remarkable place with pleasant atmosphere

This fancy restaurant is located in Four Seasons Jumeirah- new trendy area of Dubai. The hotel has several famous dining rooms including Coya, Nurs-Et, Sea-Fu and of course Jean-Georges. I visited two of them already and can say that JP is my favourite here. Mostly because of it’s first-class service and the unique, cozy atmosphere, which is actually unusual for an experience dining house.

An upscale restaurant with a warm, relaxing ambience is a big rarity nowadays. Most of the rich-and-famous dining rooms are impregnated with that puffed up, snobby vibes. I’m not a big fan of that kind of dinners. How can one truly relax in a place where everyone pretending to be someone else? – Guests showing off trying to look as impressive as possible. Waiters, with their fake smiles, are only interested in “getting more money from those parvenu”. The restaurant turns into a stage and the whole evening becomes a show! A theater, where everyone is an actor and at the same time a spectator of this performance. I don’t mind this kind of games, it’s even interesting sometimes, but tell me- how can one relax in this atmosphere? Being someone else and trying to make a good impression is a hard work! Keep in mind to look gracious every second and follow the etiquette strictly… is tiresome. This is why I highly appreciate good expensive restaurants with warm, ease off atmosphere. A place, where one can enjoy beau monde, exquisite dishes, top service and other advantages of fine dining, yet, at the same time avoid that upnose, pretentious attitude. This is why I was glad to discover Jean-Georges Dubai- a truly beautiful place with friendly, pleasant ambience.


Actually, JG is not a French restaurant as it claimed everywhere. It is a real international dining house where you will find dishes from all over the world. Indian appetizers, Arabic salad, homemade pasta, sushi and much more! This concept is obviously a winner as everyone can find here something for their taste. Interestingly that you will not find here any typical traditional recipes- all dishes are modified and often even unexpected ingredients can be found in courses.

I, personally, recommend you JG’s burrata with sorrento lemon jam- very fresh and tender with few unique notes. Among other significant servings are Lobster ravioli with lemon-chili vinaigrette and crackling tangy glazed beef short rib with silky potato, carrot, snow peas and glazed onions. There are many pizza-pasta dishes for Italian cuisine fanciers such as famous black truffle brick oven pizza. This restaurant also offers several healthy options like kale salad with extra virgin olive oil lemon, parmesan and Serrano chili or baby beets and yogurt salad with golden shallots and aged balsamic. Not to forget about traditional delicacy – foie gras brulée and the roasted foie grass with lychee, black olive and rose. Sounds delicious? It tastes and looks even better ! Unexpected combination, vibrant colours, beautiful culinary experience! Many dishes consist mint, by the way, which is quite extraordinary and refreshing! As I said, everyone can find here something for their taste and mood. Wide choice indeed!

Drinks and deserts are also truly unique at Jean-Georges. Lavender lemonade is a good alternative to usual virgin mojito and matcha-almond pudding with strawberry, plus rhubarb compote better then typical chocolate cake or ice cream. I love unusual combinations and here you will meet a lot of them!


Sophisticated interior and rich decorations adding even more value to this dazzling spot. Dim light sharpen the senses and allow you to feel the taste clear and intense. Music is not obtrusive yet it is present, which creates the mood and let you lead the conversation at the same time. Everything is well organized and thought out to the details.

One small suggestion though, – there are no table cloth in this restaurant only table sets. Which are very simple, basically it’s just a piece of brown paper. This does not really suites to the whole upscale concept of the place. Besides, it looks quite untidy and poor when drops from the cold glass or a piece from the place land on this thin paper. I would recommend the management to use other sets or table cloth, that would really make tables gorgeous at Jean-Georges.

The service is excellent! I rarely say that, but this dining house deserves praise and it’s true. Waiters are friends, smiling a lot, which I believe is very important for a good restaurant. Dishes are served with the exactly perfect speed- not too fast, to make you feel like most of them are already cooked long time before your visit and also not to slow, to bore you with waiting- but just right! Waiters know the menu by heart and will be happy to help you with proper recommendations. It really looks like they are happy to work here and enjoy the evening as much as you do. Amazing atmosphere !


I also found out that very soon a new dining experience will be available in this restaurant. An exclusive, beautiful spot is about to open this autumn in Jean-Georges magnificent garden. Superior Italian fine dining alfresco. The place is under renovations at the moment and will open its doors in a short time. No doubt, it will be a very romantic place, i can’t wait to visit and review this stunning experience. From what I saw there and what I can imagine the place is gonna be gorgeous- beautiful garden, thousand of lights, champagne, caviar, well dressed couples around… and the same friendly atmosphere! Definitely on my list!

It is easy to see that Mr. Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the Chef of this dining room, actually invests a lot of care, attention and love in his famous house. He accurately selects staff, designs menu, creates the concept of the restaurant. We all know that to build a house one have to spend money, but to build a home, one have to invest time. What is the most expensive “object” in the world ? Time, of course! Even the richest person on Earth still have not enough money to buy time! This is why time investments are the most precious, hence restaurants like Jean-Georges deserve our attention and appreciation. I highly recommend this place and planing to visit it again in the nearest future.