La Laguna Bali

Living the real gypsy life

Walking along the beach coast in Canggu I’ve noticed an old wooden bridge, first I thought it’s just a connection across the small river which was falling down in the ocean. My intuition told me to walk that way. How surprised I was to discover an amazing wonderland after the bridge. A green paradise at the beach- tall trees, small cozy shacks, vintage furniture, wooden interior and never seen before decorations. This place reminds something in between a gypsy camp and a fairytale forest. You instantly feel the spirit of adventures, magic and mystery. Those who came here once are meant to come back again, they will be allured by the unique charm and ambiance of this place. By the way the concept of the restaurant is actually a gypsy residence, after 5 pm you can even meet them and visit those beautiful authentic huts. Taro reading and palmistry available for those brave ones who desires to take a glance at the future. Romantic atmosphere, secluded corners and of course the ocean view make La Laguna a wonderful place for love conversations and amorous dates.

Cuisine at the restaurant I would call international, a lot of European dishes, mostly French, wide choice of tropical plates, fantastic desserts and beautiful cocktails! My personal favorite is their fresh toast made in a island way with coconut, candied banana, pieces of caramel and a hint of chocolate. A taste of heaven in the heaven! Spring toast with poached eggs, mashed avocado and feta will be a great choice for breakfast along with tropical or berry bowl. Everything is delicious, fresh and very photogenic. The place itself seems huge and really mysterious. Let your curiosity lead you to discover all the secluded spots, because there are so much to explore in this marvelous garden. You will find yourself in another world, filled with sorcery, adventure and a hint of magic! I must say that this remarkable atmosphere even makes the food taste better- all senses are involved and getting satisfied. Sitting at the beach, in the garden, watching the ocean, smelling waves and flowers, listening to the birds, enjoying delicious treats… what can be better !?

La Laguna Bali is a place where you will rest with your body and soul as every little detail here serve the relaxation. If you don’t have time for retreats but you willing to gain strength, feel fresh and inspired I advice you to choose this place for lunch or dinner. A truly unique experience for everyone!