La Perle by Dragone Experience

Everywhere, on any corner, all around Dubai we spot La Perle advertising. The famous show citizens discuss since few weeks already. I was curious to check what the buzz is all about and today I’m sharing my experience with you. Let’s start with the prices, they vary depending on the place you prefer to seat. Budget tickets cost 110 USD while for places close to the stage you will pay 220 USD. VIP experience is also available for 440 USD.

Now let’s talk about what you actually get by becoming VIP at La Perle. First of all – separate entrance. The theater is not a crowded place, however it’s nice to be VIP and enjoy a bit more privacy while waiting for the show. Cosh lounge with snacks and drinks is probably the main reason you should consider buying VIP tickets. Different kind of fingers food from sandwiches to spring rolls. My personal favourite was quinoa salat-bite and warm mini quiche. A wide choice of sweet movie snacks such as marshmallows, m&m’s, skittles and so on, good quality popcorn and nachos, even selection of Arabic sweets you will find here. I only regret that plates and cutlery are made of plastic- neither comfortable nor properly looking and definitely not what you expect paying 1600 AED per person. On the other side I like that at La Perle you can bring food from the lounge to your seat and enjoy it during the show. Note that beautiful box of fresh macarons will be waiting for you on your place. Comfortable leather seats, tables for snacks with the smart backlight and of course premium view from the front rows this is what you get by choosing VIP option.

About the show itself. It is powerful, it has some breathtaking moments and it’s fully packed with visual effects. Let’s say the show is 60% of virtual reality and 40% of human acting. You will see here rain, snowfall, thunder storm – truly beautiful and very realistic. 2,7 million litres of water is used during the performance. Astonishing! But it is better to see once then trying to describe the amazing show. So please take a look at my video and you will have an idea about the scope of this new attraction.

Filming during the show is aloud by the way, as long as your flash is off. I am sincerely glad a cultural entertainment such as La Perle by Dragone is finally available in Dubai.