Mia Reviews | La Petite Maison is the best romantic restaurant ?

La Petite Maison is the best romantic restaurant ? You must be joking !

Without fear or favor I respectfully disagree!

First of all I would like to declare that I love French cuisine and believe that La Petite Maison has some great dishes to offer. Yet, let us be honest and face the fact – it is not a good place for a date!

Aside from tasteful decorations and dim lighting there are other criteria romance of the restaurant should be measured by. I can’t call “romantic” a place where couples must sit elbow to elbow with other couples. Distance between most of the tables for two is so tiny that it can become an issue to leave the seat gracefully, even if you are a slim lady. “Pardon my French”,- your butt will inevitably get on your neighbours table, just in front of their faces. How romantic is that ?

Dinning in such a tightness will constantly give you the feeling that it’s actually 6 of you at this table- neighbour couples on the left and right can hear you perfectly clear. Be aware and conscious not to share much private information with your date. Furthermore you might get sensation you are in the middle of someone else’s rendezvous as you unintentionally become a listener of their conversations.

La Petite Maison is a well advertised place in Dubai’s prominent dining venue therefor it is popular and always crowded. Congestion, hubbub and rush are in the air. Moreover, unfortunately, the acoustic here is faulty. It is weird, but true- everything your date (sitting opposite) says- sounds to you indistinct and low, everything your neighbours (sitting at the next table) say- sounds to you loud and clear.

Atmosphere here slightly reminds me souk- buzz, stir and instead of the vociferous traders there are bartenders, mixing drinks so loud you might get headache. Which is also a fault of the acoustic.

Take one crowded restaurant, create some obsessive “intimacy” by placing tables too close to each other, add some extra noise and voila- you’ll get a place unsuitable for dates! Especially first dates, when you hardly know the person and the first impression is just about to be made. Right choice of the restaurant for the first date is essential, most of the times it decides the relationships. Crowded, noisy spot will deprive you opportunity to talk and get to know each other, as the result- desire to continue the acquaintanceship will disappear fast, which means the end of relationships.

Above all in Dubai, where, in terms of people, there are billions of choices and therefor no second chances. This is why I strongly believe that a successful pick of the restaurant can define the relationships.

To sum up – by choosing La Petite Maison as your romantic dinner venue, de facto, you sign up for a “family dinner” with strangers. This restaurant is ain’t no place for brand-new couples or important talks, one should not look for privacy here. I must add that although I don’t understand why this house was declared the best romantic dining experience, upon the whole I like LPM and think they have some really dainty courses.

“Escargots de Bourgogne” is one of my favourite, highly recommend, especially if you haven’t try escargots before! Lunch here will be more quite and peaceful then dinner, so I would rather recommend to visit La Petite Maison during the day. Also I prefer to come here with old friends, not to catch up through conversations, but to enjoy some french cuisine. Bon Appétit!