Lavender Jam and Co

Trend of the season

Did you try lavender coffee already ? Or maybe you’d like a piece of lavender cake ? No, never heard of that before ? Get used to it ! As Fall 2018 new trend promises to change our culinary experience. Lavender madness everywhere, especially all over Europe ! Just yesterday I visited famous Hector Jimenez-Bravo’s pastry shop and guess what ? Lavender cakes on the front rows ! Their light, white chocolate mousse filled with purple jam made out of these fragrant flowers is one of the best sellers of this season ! Walking down the street I saw several cafes promoting lavender coffee. This is where I started making a research in order to learn more about this interesting trend. Let’s see, what we already know about this beautiful purple flowers. The word « lavender » comes from lat. « Lava » witch means « to wash », as it was used for bath rituals and cleansing. Lavender is also a name of the colour as this herb is famous by its unique, beautiful hue. World’s biggest lavender producers are Bulgaria (140 tone yearly), France (40 tonne), Croatia and Ukraine (around 20 tone yearly each)

In the course of history this plant was always special, people used it as antiseptic, perfume and even believed it can scare off evil spirits. But mostly this beautiful, fragrant herb is famous by its relaxing and calming properties. Therefor used mostly in medicine and cosmetology. It is well known that a small bag with lavender flowers can help us to sleep peacefully and deep. Various essential oils, body creams, soap, face tonics and sometimes even tea blends are made out of this odorous plant. It is also wide used in krafts and home decor, especially lately. In the south french and Italian cuisine it can be used as a spice. But as a high-grade food stuff ? Unusual ! So I went around the city and bought all kind of lavender cakes, cookies, jams, drinks… basically everything I could found. I tried them all and discover the very exceptional, unique taste you can’t compare to nothing else… How does it tastes ? Absolutely and 100% like it smells. If you ever used a lavender oil or had one of those small « bedroom bags » filled with this herb, you know exactly that pleasant, sweet yet fresh smell. Now imagine, for example a jam with this flavour ! Interesting, but good ! My verdict – lavender as a food ingredient – shall be ! I liked it ! Especially for coffee ! Highly recommend you to try it by yourself, looks like very soon you’d be able to by it anywhere in the world. But maybe it is so famous in Autumn because the crop was recently harvested, so I suggest you to taste it soon ! Bon appétit !