Le Café Marly Paris

Great view... but only the view

This upscale Parisian brasserie has one of the most beautiful locations of the city – famous Louvre Museum. Who doesn’t know Louvre ? Even those, never been to France or Europe at all, nevertheless heard about this eminent place. Millions of people visiting it yearly. Being the symbol of Paris, Louvre attracts attention and is always on a list of anyone who arrives to the city. Obviously, setting here a restaurant was a brilliant idea, however, even though this dining house is located straight in front of the pyramid it is not so easy to see.

You will be surprised, but many native Parisians have no idea about Cafe Marly, tho’ it is just right there in the middle of the city. I found this dining spot because of the instagram post of one the famous French blogger and decided to check it out.First time I came in summer, it is a beautiful place to enjoy your coffee with the view. Situated along the colonnade bordering the Louvre courtyard with a great sight of the pyramid.

However, unfortunately, the view and drinks are probably the only reason to visit this restaurant.
Menu is not strong at all, and even those few things on it are not the tastiest. I tried several different dishes here during a large period of time and now can confidently say that there is no meal I actually enjoyed. Looks like everything is made for a “hungry tourist”, you know the one who will always come, due to the central location of the place.

The average tourist is tired, far from home and most important- hungry ! They will eat almost anything as long as it is food. Being tired and a bit overwhelmed, the tourist will probably pay not much attention to the taste or quality of the dish. Also tourist is not used to the local currency and prices therefore will rarely understand they actually spending more here. And, of course, last but not least, the tourist will leave soon and so never will be back with a complain, but instead they- others will arrive. Tourists always come and go, taking any reachable food on their way, this flow will never stop in a place like Louvre. You  can compare it to a hotdog vendor on the railway station- mainly profit is made only due to the crowded location. No wonder that “tourist restaurants” like Cafe Marly doesn’t have to care about quality of the food neither try to make regular customers- they will always have enough of « hungry tourists » !

The interior and decorations of the dining house fits it’s character- tidy white chairs, black wooden tables, traditional elegant setting… Classy yet without any frills. There are also a second floor ! Beautiful red room with gold painted doors remind us about the great past of this famous building and gives a slight flashbacks into Napoleon times, while modern furniture and carpets brings a fresh touch of fashionable France.

Service is also not on the highest level. Often it takes waiters half an hour to bring drinks or pre-set breakfast, though the place is not busy at all. Plus I don’t like when staff in an upscale restaurant think they are a big deal only because they work in an expensive place. Though according to the protocol everything looks right – you still can catch the snobby vibes and it doesn’t “taste good”. Not saying that the waiter should talk to you as a pal, obviously the subordination must be respected, especially in a classy place, but a bit of warmth and kindness and a bit less arrogance would be great.

To sum up – I would probably come here again for a cup of coffee with the view, or bring friends who are visiting the city, just for drinks or a light snack. In case you care about the taste and quality of your food I wouldn’t recommend this place for a proper meal. But, again, the location is amazing ! You are just right there in the centre of everything and at the same time you are hidden. People will pass by and not see you, you will see everything and everyone. It is a pretty rare combination for a restaurant, unless of course we are talking about those big windows with the special cover, but here are no windows and so you truly feel yourself closer to the Paris city life. The choice is yours!