L’Orangerie / Le Cinq at Four Seasons George V Paris

Everything you expect from fine dining and more

Situated in the heart of the city, beautiful Four Seasons Paris is a real magnet for gourmands from all over the world. No wonder why- three of George V’s restaurants have Michelin stars. 5 stars in total! Which, after my inspection, I believe 100% deserved. This is the place one can truly be pleased by an upscale diner presentation, best service and the highest standards.

George V Hotel will meet all your expectations. Peaceful, soft atmosphere in the centre of megapolis combined with majestic royal decorations create some special kind of palatial ambience. Coming from loud Parisian streets to Four Seasons quiet courtyard gives you the feelings of harmony, comfort and integrity. Grandiose decor supplemented by generous amount of flowers and servants subconsciously tells your brain you must be in a palace. Yes indeed, every little detail here made to let you feel very special. Words “customer is King” truly mean something for management of Four Season Hotel in Paris.

L’Orangerie is located directly in famous marble courtyard and attracts attention with it’s gorgeous plants. An extraordinary garden with a noble touch. Nature, water, fresh air… flower petals falling down from the balconies above. A very romantic experience! Relaxing, refreshed, exactly what you need in crowded Paris. Far from touristic bustling and yet just right at the center of the city. Isn’t it perfect !

Dished at L’Orangerie are not only great looking but also very fresh and delicious. Order will be served to you with a lot of taste and fantasy. Colourful, elegant and appetizingly, these delights will please senses and make you feel glad you dinning out. Which is, I believe, a true purpose of a superior restaurant. Menu for lunch is different from the one for dinner.

Between 11 am and 6 pm you will be served mainly lunch classics such as salads, sandwiches and fine appetizers. Portions are big enough to become full, but not too much to make you feel heavy. Exactly right size! My recommendations are royal crab with lemon jelly, blue lobster salad and sole “Meunière” with buckwheat butter and sea-scented leaves. Caesar salad, by the way, is served very interesting with few special ingredients, just as all classics here. Good selection of caviar is also available. Drinks will entertain you with its originality and exquisite taste.

Quality of service at Four Seasons George V is high. Friendly, prim, yet not arrogant stuff will be glad to help you relax and feel pampered. They know menu by heart and can easily assist you by selecting dishes suitable for your taste and mood. This is truly the place where you can come to rest, enjoy an upscale meal and feel yourself a bit royal. To quote the restaurant : “Chef David Bizet’s menu exemplifies the traditional French contemporary cuisine of elegance, refinement, femininity and  respect for nature”.

L’Orangerie has one Michelin star, while Le Cinq proudly owns three of them. To enter this restaurant all you have to do is to open the glass door that separates both dinning areas and here you are- at the palace called “Le Cinq”. Imperial furnishings, majestic tapestry on the walls, piano live performance and all the fine details will immerse you into the noble atmosphere of the past centuries. Tablecloths, china and silver were designed specifically for this famous house.

Afternoon tea here is an exquisite ceremony and dinner is a luxury feast. A lot of celebrities and blue-blooded guests can be spotted in this restaurant. Due to it’s impeccable service, excellent menu and prominent history this hotel and it’s restaurants constantly attract crème de la crème of different countries and religions.

Despite all this you will not be expected to wear an evening gown or a jacket to be able to enter the restaurant. Dress code is rather casual, especially during the day time, which makes it easier to relax and feel absolutely comfortable.

I like places where one can delight all senses- a beautiful view for your sight, a dainty food for your taste, balmy scent for the smell, fabrics and cutlery that are pleasant to touch, soft music… when all these can be found in one restaurant, I believe it’s the right one. Four Seasons George V offers this and more, therefor deservedly obtains the place on my list of Recommendations.

If you want to spend money on a high-end dinning experience Four Seasons George V will be a great choice.