Lviv and Coffee

This old European city belonged though the times to different countries and therefor became, probably, the most international place on the continent. Truly unforgettable adventures, quests, games and unique experiences waiting for you here! As many names this city had, as many cultures and facets it has today. From Leopolis to Lviv through Lemberg, from Ukrainian optimism and lust for life to German cuisine and language- you’ll find here everything and more! But what local people like the most is coffee! They drink it everywhere, anytime and in so many different ways. To be honest, I’m not a coffee lover, but in Lviv i actually tasted the most amazing and delicious cups of coffee in my life.


This city is so interesting and unique that everything i heard about it was nothing compare to reality. Of course, like in any other european city, to enjoy it truly, you should either go with a good company or to know the list of the top places.


My advice – If you ever in Ukraine, go straight to Lviv for the new levels of adventures, fun and entertainment, which you wont find nowhere else. But today my story is about coffee…

1.  This beautiful, cozy place is just right in the centre of the city and called “Coffee World”. Find 10 differences between this Cafe and typical one in Paris! 100% french!

2.  Сonfectionery “Veronica” truly deserves it’s unofficial name “the best pastry-shop of Lviv” Incredibly delicious cakes, pies and more you will find here. By the way doesn’t this place remind you Vienna ?

Mia Reviews | Travel | Lviv and Coffee

3.  It’s all about chocolate! As much as you want and in all variations and forms! “Lviv Handmade Chocolate” will presently surprise you not only with its wide choice of coffee, but also with a deep rich taste of original chocolate. Very indulging.

Mia Reviews | Travel | Lviv and Coffee

4. This experience you won’t forget, a real fire show will personally be performed for you at “Lviv Coffee Mining Manufactory” This thematic coffee house will make you feel yourself a miner in a search for coffee. Yes correct- here they will tell you that real coffee is not growing on the tree, but is mined from under the ground! Up for some adventures ? “Coffee Mining Manufactory” is the place to be!