Maison Rouge

Cabaret- style dining in the heart of Dubai

Several years ago it was impossible to get this kind of experience in middle eastern city. Though I believe that traditional belly dancers performing during the dinner is almost the same thing. You won’t see naked ladies in Maison Rouge, that would be illegal, so everything is very tasteful and pretty innocent- cabaret a la Middle East. At the same time just the idea that a piece of French liberty got inside the Islam world is quite exciting. By the way security checks ID’s at the entrance and that means Maison Rouge is not another common restaurant on Sheikh Zayed Road. Kids are not allowed, Ladies and Gentlemen! 😉

Beautifully decorated in red and velvet, this place has everything to make you feel in Europe. For all those who misses sweet taste of western licentiousness, who likes to watch the show during the dinner, for those who enjoys chic and vivid atmosphere, for all of you great news- Maison Rouge is recently opened in Dubai! Where else in UAE you will see a bed in a restaurant and a pole in the middle of the dinning room ? Decorations are impressive, so is the ambience of the place. Want even more piquancy? Visit this place on Thursday night! Syndicate party will deep you into the atmosphere of Prohibition, the golden era of luxury and secret temptations!
Raspberry margarita shots served in real roses, anyone? They know here how to entertain and wow you! Stunning dancers in bright outfits will perform while attentive waitress brings you a piece of art on a plate! Gorgeous selection of food and drinks. Cuisine I would call Asian- European, more into East European. Very interesting combination and unusual tastes, definitely a “must try”! My personal favorites are backed mussels with vegetables, Smokey skewers (where you can choose between beef, chicken and prawns) and the delicious Greek Moussaka. Pear Almond tart is a local know-how and my recommendation for the desserts.

Some call Maison Rouge a club, some call it a restaurant. I would say it’s a lounge with an entertainment experience. Opened daily from 8 pm to 2 am, except Sunday, this place will be perfect for those who are willing to dilute ordinary dinner with a bit of zest and spice up the evening. An interesting experience for romantic dates as well as a great spot for bachelor’s night. I would say it’s a pretty good option for upcoming Valentine’s Day!