Definitely an experience you shouldn't miss!

Definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss! Imagine yourself in a magical undersea world inhabited by 65,000 marine creatures passing by as you dine cosily at your setout. Mesmerizing beauty as far as the eye can see! Lucent feeling of peace and harmony gently envelops every cell of your body… Sounds marvelous ? Then you should make a reservation at Ossiano! In order to get the best view my advice will be to call beforehand, as the restaurant offers only several table along the majestic floor-to-ceiling aquarium.

In case you will decide to spend légère afternoon in a mysterious and adventurous atmosphere of this unique dining room – Underwater Afternoon Tea will be the event you should book. Every Saturday between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm petite alluring pastries and savoury treats are elegantly served along with pleasant selection of teas.

At the same time I must admit that prices at Ossiano are a trifle too high. Easy math – if you will count raw materials expended to creat dishes plus salary of employees, rent fee and other minor expenses (of course don’t forget to add the profit a restaurant should make) you will find that actually your salat should cost less. Except this small flaw and also the fact that you should put some effort to get prime table, everything else at this dining house appear great and I can certainly recommend Ossiano because of its truly one-of-a-kind experience.