Penrose Lounge

Pleasant afternoon tea or evening cocktails with a stunning view

This cozy place in DIFC’s Four Seasons Hotel will please you with it’s warm vibes and a stunningly beautiful view. A good spot to catch up with old friends, a cup of excellent tea and pleasant conversation. Once the night falls the lounge turns into a popular cocktail bar, where guests can enjoy pre-dinner drinks and relax after a tough day at the office.

Mia Reviews | Penrose Lounge Dubai | Cozy place in DIFC's Four Seasons Hotel

Penrose just as most of the hotel lounges will not amaze you with wide choice of top dishes, but wins our hearts with it’s high quality of service and it’s pleasant ambience.
The location allows guests to enjoy a panoramic view of the lofty skyscrapers of Dubai Business District including the tallest building in the world the famous Burj Khalifa.

Comfortable sofas will relax you and invite you to stay a bit longer. And only the white table cloth, shiny cutlery, fresh cut flowers and polite waiters will remind you are not in a living room but at the hotel lounge.

Mia Reviews | Penrose Lounge Dubai | Cozy place in DIFC's Four Seasons Hotel

Afternoon tea at Penrose is a refined ceremony celebrating the most famous of British traditions. A varied selection of excellent teas and probably an even wider choice of honey! Did you know that different blends of honey can completely change the taste of your tea? For example one teaspoon of the finest Safran honey the waiter suggested made the taste of my drink exquisite and unexpectedly brought up some fruity notes. Very enjoyable!

Mia Reviews | Penrose Lounge Dubai | Cozy place in DIFC's Four Seasons Hotel

They also possess a rare and interesting array of furniture here at Penrose- I called it “cookie cupboard”. This beautiful buffet on wheels has everything you need for one delicious tea ceremony and once you open the drawers! Mmm… mouthwatering sweets and biscuits greet you whispering “eat me” ! Perfection! I’m definitely thinking to get one of those buffets for my living room.

The Terrace at this lounge is not big therefore in case someone decides to smoke you’ll most likely get a small doze of nicotine as well. However the view is worth it to seat outside. DIFC is one of those few places you can enjoy amazing landscape despite the time of the day- both noon view and night scene look amazing ! During the day skyscrapers will impress you with their size and details and in the evening this landscape turns into a breathtaking sparkling show. So it doesn’t matter whether you decide to have lunch at the Penrose or to catch up with friends for some drinks later in the evening you are guaranteed a stunning view you will not want to miss !

Mia Reviews | Penrose Lounge Dubai | Cozy place in DIFC's Four Seasons Hotel

In terms of food the Penrose does not offer the best options to be very honest. I wasn’t impressed by the taste of the dishes, though their appearance was pretty good.
On the whole Penrose Lounge is a fine quite corner with a beautiful prospect. One disappointment for me though – an unexpected “municipality fee” at the rate of 10% suddenly appeared in my bill. What an unpleasant surprise, I must say. Of course it’s not big money, but it makes you feel kind of stupid as in any other place there is no such fee. Actually it is very rare a dining house in UAE will add something to your bill, usually the price you see on the menu is the price you pay at the end. All taxes are included. But there are a few restaurants who think they can charge you extra. It’s not about money, let’s be honest it just does not feel fair. You’re counting on something and then… disappointment! You have to pay more without any reason, just “because”. Not my taste- I prefer things a little more straightforward.

To sum up, ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for a comfortable clean and fresh spot to share with friends a pot of tea – Penrose will be a good idea. This place is perfect for long talks- you have plenty of comfy chairs, delicious drinks and the acoustic are just right. So if you are somewhere near to DIFC and are planning the next catch up with your besties then Penrose is a fine option.