About the Project

The idea of reviewing dinning houses came to me in New York. In a search for the right restaurant I browsed several websites, after detecting suitable place, I notified friends. The dinner was neat, but out of the character. Reviews we read earlier didn’t mention few important aspects and so reality turned out to be far from our expectations. This is where a friend suggested me to share the experience and write articles. Back then, in New York, I considered it a joke, until few months later, in Dubai, I suddenly received same proposition from another acquaintance. Arguments were provided: as a raconteur and Instagram influencer I can actually bring information to the people, as a professional photographer – ensure stunning shots, as a frequent traveler- furnish the project with a lot of attractive content and last but not least – having my own restaurant business in Europe gave me complete understanding and large experience in the big “dinning game”. This is where I thought: “Pourquois pas?!” Why not to do what I really enjoy and thereby help others to make right decisions ?!

Today we are facing the fact that amount of dinning places in the world is growing intense. And here, in Dubai, it is even harder to navigate inside the restaurant jungle without a trustful guide. 4 new eateries opening in Dubai every 24 hours, it is about 1500 new dining spots a year, furthermore- the tendency is increasing annually. Easy to choose one from 10, but what if it’s 10 000 ?

Your time is precious and you don’t want to spend it on something less then “Great”, especially if you have to pay for it, right ? “Trendy place” does not always mean “the best”, sometimes it just means owners invest more in advertising. Here, on Mia Reviews, under recommendations you will find only the places I sincerely like.

For all the reviews I also would like to set a new innovative measuring system where eating houses will be judged by following criteria:

  1. Appearance of the dish. The art of food presentation is highly appreciated by me and I believe that your course should look just as amazing as it tastes. Whether the food in particular place is truly Instagramable- this icon will show you.
  2. What can be better than enjoying incredible meal? A beautiful view in addition, of course!
  3. Perfect place for romantic rendezvous is much more than just dim lightings and secluded corners

I’m operating to ease your search and strive to write restaurant guides both entertaining and useful. This project is designed to help visitors make the right choices according to their preferences, as well as dinning rooms to improve the quality.

P.S. What we eat and where we eat is sometimes literally essential. Wrong choice of the restaurant can, for example, turn the first date into the last. At the same time – right choice of the place for your birthday party can load you with the best emotions and give your guests beautiful memories that will last forever.

Forget about special occasions- I’m sure each of us willing to consume fresh, qualitative food every day. It’s not only about health and physical aspect, but also about emotional and mental well-being. Isn’t your work more productive and inspiring after a dainty lunch in a relaxing atmosphere ? Be honest and answer yourself- aren’t you happier after delicious meal ? I’m sure you are!

These are only few reasons why we should not underestimate the meaning of food consumption. I hope this project will inspire you with its beautiful content, give you a lot of tasty information and help you to find the best places wherever you are!