Publique Dubai

A trendy restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah

Publique! Where Dubai feels like the Alps and your dreams about refreshment come true. This snappy French restaurant brings the après ski experience to Middle East. My personal opinion is there should me more concepts like this around the UAE.

Considering that most of the year temperatures here are over +40 C, it would be really great to have at several places where you could wholly rest from the heat. Luckily we have Ski Dubai, but you can’t eat inside.

Built in Chalet style, Publique is conveniently located at the heart of picturesque Madinat Jumeirah. Which makes this dining house truly contrasting. Stunning Burj al Arab view, romantic boats gliding across the emerald waters, birds singing in the garden… the outdoor atmosphere here creates this special kind of stardust summery mood. Indoors the ambience, on the contrary, is wintery- snowboarders, a ski elevator with the DJ inside, a fireplace and the steaming cheese fondu… The decor is fantastic!

Stay inside and enjoy icy the French Alps or go to the terrace and find yourself in sunny Dubai- the choice is yours! By the way I love the terrace here, relaxing in a deck chair with some luscious mocktail and a breathtaking Burj view… what a perfect lazy afternoon?!

Mia Reviews - Publique, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

“What will distinguish ­Publique from others is that it is ­designed to ­offer an alternative to ­nightclubs, where music is in the ­foreground,” Vercoutere says. “What’s important for us is that guests don’t have to spend large amounts of money for a table, or shout to have a ­conversation.”

Mia Reviews - Publique, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Talking about idle noons- Publique’s famous Alpine Brunch is an excellent idea! Affordable at 50$ per person you get a truly unique experience. Though the choice of dishes is not so wide they are all tasty and colorful. Typicality after ski adventures and in snowy weather one needs some heavy nutrient food that’s why here you will find a lot of meat, cheese and bread.

Mia Reviews - Publique, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Most of the courses are made in a traditional way- meat is hot stone cooked, cheese will be melted and vegetables-roasted. Probably this is the secret of the rich intense taste of the dishes. Fondue Savoyarde for vegetarians and the Alpine Burger for meat lovers will be my recommendations here. I would also suggest you to try the waffles, they are truly delicious. Freshly made in front of you and decorated with your favourite toppings these waffles will make you feel at home. Do you still remember that taste of hot crisp bakery your mother used to make?! Then you should definitely try the waffles at Publique, you will appreciate them as I did!

Mia Reviews - Publique, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Upon the whole this restaurant is an attractive hangout for young, hip boys and girls who are tired of those elegant, feigned places and just want something different though still awesome. Snowboarders, surfers, extreme lovers will find themselves at home here. Romantic decorations, fireplace and cozy atmosphere, on the other hand, make this dining house a great location for couples.

Benefits everywhere! Greatly thought-out to the smallest details Publique will take you for one fine wintery adventure. Here you will want to take some photoshop sure, so don’t forget your camera and Bon Voyage!