Real Italian Tiramisu

The secret behind my favorite Tiramisu

The main secret of my famous Tiramisu is the right choice of ingredients! For example “Galbani” Mascarpone, on my opinion, is the best – very rich yet light, so Tiramisu will have a perfect density.

Here are the quantities:

Eggs – 6 *
Mascarpone – 500 gr
Sugar – 150 gr (6 tbsp)
Ladyfinger biscuits – 250 gr **
Espresso – 300 ml
Cocoa powder – 1-2 tbsp
Amaretto – 30-50 gr ***

Don’t forget to add lots of love and a thimbleful of passion

* important- wash the eggs preliminarily! Be attentive separating yolks from whites, with even a drop of yolk white can not be whipped properly

** Ladyfingers should be dipped in coffee very fast- within less then 1 second, otherwise Tiramisu will be watery

*** Amaretto is optional and also can be replaced with almond syrup

If you will follow the receipt correctly i promise – this will be the best Tiramisu you ever had (it may sound loud now, but try and you will see) ! 😉

Bon Appetit !