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Royal China

Hidden gem in the heart of DIFC

Stunning decorations, extensive menu and superior location are the reasons you should visit Royal China. This restaurant is not a famous place, though it’s located in, probably, the best dining area of Dubai- International Financial District. The main reason, on my opinion, is that Royal China’s situated not directly in the Gate Village but across the bridge- closer to the court and just next to the DIFC Gate. This area is more quite and official compare to the artistic and crowded Village. Not many people know about Royal China, which I think is an omission.

Posh decorations, majestic interior design and spacious halls will immerse you in a palatial atmosphere of Chinese imperial times and evoke inside you the feelings of joy, elation and celebration. Red, bright and festive are three words describing interior here the best. What personally I appreciate a lot in restaurant’s appearance is attention to the details. Because everything consists of the small details. When you dining out you want it to be kind of special, upbeat and definitely pleasant. Details such as colours, texture, scents and flavours affect our senses and therefor our mood. Combination of a soft table cloth, light smell of the fresh flower and a beautiful painting on the wall will make you feel aesthetic satisfied, relaxed and comfortable. Royal China knows about that and offers the guests a truly delightful experience.

Wide choice of Asian dishes colourfully presented with pictures in a thick brochure which you would rather call a book then a menu. Probably the biggest choice I’ve ever seen in Dubai restaurant. Dozens of pages, countless photos – great job, Royal China! Both meat lovers and vegetarians will be pleased here with choices. Although, and it’s logically excepted from a dining house with small number of visitors and extensive menu, not all the dishes are available. Keep it in mind and better ask the waiter to name the courses that are infeasible, before setting yourself on something.


I won’t even start naming best dishes here as the choice is so wide, looks like they have almost everything at least the menu says so. All possible types and styles of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, buns and dumplings, rice and noodles…. Spring rolls , Lobster and everything in between. I doubt there are people who wouldn’t find here nothings for their taste. Rarely you can find a restaurant where everyone can be happy with the selection. especially if you are looking for a place for celebrations, special events or just gathering of friends. Big company means a lot of different tastes. Some don’t eat meat, some have food allergies and others are fully vegan. To meet everyone’s expectations is important to choose the dining room that offers a truly wide choice of courses. Royal China is, no doubts, one of those places.

The restaurant holds large territory and so the guests have diverse options : you can choose between the general hall, semi-private areas or rent the whole banquet room, there are also tables next to the bar. Tables are cleans, seats-comfortable and the service is fast. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to those who like good quality Chinese food as well as those who is willing to try something different in Dubai. Royal China is a great place for a catch up with friends or even a romantic date. It is quite, respectful and has a lot to offer. Make sure you come here hungry cause you’ll for sure want to try more!