The famous New Yorker bakery now in Dubai

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sarabeth, she loved backing, making jams and everything she made was incredibly delicious. The secret was in her passion for great food and her special ingredient was love. Indeed she always put a lot of love in her jams and her pastries, everyone was crazy about them. So whenever she had time- she made this world a bit better by giving her beloved ones the joy of her amazing creations. Years passed and many different jobs she changed until the dream, that seemed impossible, became reality- her passion became her profession. First Sarabeth’s bakery was opened in 1981 in New York. Since that time there was only way one- up! Better and better towards the perfection, with a lot of care and love Sarabeth continued opening new restaurants and winning prestigious awards. Because when you do something putting your heart and soul in it-success is guaranteed !

In March 2017 Sarabeth’s proudly opened it’s doors in Dubai. City Walk became a perfect place for this sophisticated, yet very homey spot. Every small detail here looks tasteful and reflects the concept of the famous US bakery… probably because Sarabeth picked it all personally by herself. So much she cares! And now imagine how delicious and out of this world her creations must be! Just as colourful and pretty they look as amazing they taste! All ingredients for everything you eat here in Dubai’s brunch, Sarabeth selects from the best suppliers worldwide. Top quality eggs, flour, butter are delivered straight from France, Italy and other continues to make you experience amazing ! Famous Sarabeth’s jams you can not only try but also buy here, the selection is really wide and everyone will find something for themselves. Wait, it gets even better- at Sarabeth’s you can eat not only cakes and pastries, they offer a gorgeous savoury menu as well. From Eggs Benedict and Tomato Soup, through Buratta and Crab Cake to the best Norwegian Salmon and premium Angus Filet Mignon. Pastas, Salads, Sandwiches and much more! Truly “Food for any taste and mood” Some classics are presented here too, for example Waldorf salad or Wagyu Burger… or how about a Lobster Macaroni and Cheese? From the sweet section my favourites are Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes, Apple-Cinnamon French Toast and of course Sarabeth’s signature cookie plate with orange marmalade and Belgian chocolate. Simply mouthwatering, isn’t it? I’m sorry if you reading this in the middle of your working day and you can’t go to this restaurant straight at the moment, but make sure to pop up there as soon as you have a chance, the place is really worth it!

Beautiful homey atmosphere, attentive and friendly waiters are always happy to help, simple yet top quality interior, soft music and a convenient location makes this restaurant a great place for family lunches at the weekend, as well as a hang out with your old friends or even a casual date. If you will sit outside the view is amazing- famous Sheikh Zayed Road skyline is just right there, in front of your sight. Dear foodies and travel bloggers, don’t forget your phone chargers as you will be taking amazing pictures non stop at Sarabeth’s. The food is so instagramable! Honestly, now this is one of my favourite places in Dubai, especially for lunch. If one day you’ll spot me here… yeah that would be me ! 🙂