Seeds Of Life Bali

First of all let’s clear what exactly is the difference between a vegetarian and a raw vegan ? Vegetarians do not consume neither meat nor fish or seafood, eggs and dairy products are optional, though most of the vegetarian do consume eggs and lactose containing products. The next level is veganism. Vegans are more strict – they exclude also absolute all animal-derived ingredients. Many of them as well do not eat foods that are processed using animal products for example white refined sugar. At the top of the “green food” pyramid are raw vegans. They exclude not only all products of animal origin, but also food that is cooked at a temperature above 40°C-48 °C (118 °F) So basically raw vegans only consume plain natural food- vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, spouts and herbs.

Not many options, right ? Now you can imagine how incredibly creative and talented one must be to produce wide selection of raw vegan dishes. But the most important and unbelievable is that all these creations are actually as tasty as any others in a good “non vegan” place. For me as an occasional meat consumer and a seafood lover it was a great surprise to find a dining room where vegan plate tastes even better then some fish or pasta. Seeds of Life is definitely a cafe where anyone will find something for their taste! In case you are a vegetarian or raw vegan, S.O.L. is place your taste receptors will go crazy. “Scramble eggs” made from corn, “bacon and egg burrito” where bacon is a smokey eggplant, spicy Buffalo Wings made from cauliflower, Aloe Vera sashimi, different kinds of pizza, pasta, lasagna, burger… Oh My Gosh! So many choices! One needs here at least a week to try all the bestsellers. My personal favorites are Warmed Pesto Gnocchi- a unique combination of walnut pesto, coconut and mushrooms- a very exquisite version of a traditional Italian classic. For breakfast i would recommend their pancakes or crepes – delicious, healthy and very photogenic in case you are a blogger or just an esthete!

A huge selection of wild ancient artisan teas, juices and smoothies. Seeds of Life actually have their own Tonic Bar where you will find a lot of interesting drinks I bet you never tried before. Actually what I like the most is that Seeds of Life offers traditional bestsellers from around the word that are modified for vegans and a healthy lifestyle. Basically you getting the same food, but made out of wholesome ingredients. Let’s take a burger for example- it looks good, it smells good, it is actually very tasty PLUS after the meal you feel lighter, healthier and happier then after a regular burger somewhere else. And you know I like regular burgers ! By the way every day of the week “main dish” is different, for example if you’ll visit Seeds on Spaghetti Carbonara is served here on Wednesday, Blue Cheese Ravioli on Saturday and Tuesday is a Taco Day. A lot of choices indeed!

Cafe itself is located at the centre of Ubud on one of the most popular “restaurants street” Jalan Gootama. There are enough of vegan places in Bali and especially in Ubud, but my number one is S.O.L. A house that feels like home straight from the doorstep. Guests are entering the building barefoot and getting several option: to buy desserts and bottled drinks for take away, to eat on the ground floor with it’s cozy big cushions, to hang out at the tonic bar or to go upstairs and enjoy both – the amazing food and the beautiful view. I love going upstairs- here you will get food not only for your stomach but also for your soul. Watching the rain and rainbows at the terrace is a totally mind blowing experience. So once in Bali – Seeds of Life is definitely a place to try. Happiness for body and soul guaranteed!