Our Team


Our Team

The idea of reviewing dinning houses came to me in New York. In a search for the right restaurant I browsed several websites, after detecting suitable place, I notified friends. The dinner was neat, but out of the character. Reviews we read earlier didn’t mention few important aspects and so reality turned out to be far from our expectations. This is where a friend suggested me to share the experience and write articles. Back then, in New York, I considered it a joke, until few months later, in Dubai, I suddenly received same proposition from another acquaintance. Arguments were provided: as a raconteur and Instagram influencer I can actually bring information to the people, as a professional photographer – ensure stunning shots, as a frequent traveler- furnish the project with a lot of attractive content and last but not least – having my own restaurant business in Europe gave me complete understanding and large experience in the big “dinning game”. This is where I thought: “Pourquois pas?!” Why not to do what I really enjoy and thereby help others to make right decisions ?!

Today we are facing the fact that amount of dinning places in the world is growing intense. And here, in Dubai, it is even harder to navigate inside the restaurant jungle without a trustful guide. 4 new eateries opening in Dubai every 24 hours, it is about 1500 new dining spots a year, furthermore- the tendency is increasing annually. Easy to choose one from 10, but what if it’s 10 000 ?

Mia Olevski

Mastermind of Mia Reviews

Mia Olevski

My name is Mia Olevski and this is the place where I’m sharing my experience and opinion on restaurants, cafes and food in general from all over the world. Based in Dubai and traveling enough, Im blessed with an opportunity to degustate the best dishes in UAE and overseas. Let me set it straight- “the best” does not mean “the most expensive”, therefore in my reviews you will find diverse kind of places for every taste and mood.

Having my own restaurant in Germany helped me to understand dinning business very well. In order to know this subject in and out I voluntarily worked in the kitchen, was helping the chef to create new dishes, coupe months spent being a waitress and even a bartender in my own restaurant.Now I know – how much a certain course should actually cost, whether the ingredients are really fresh and natural, what kind of service client should genuinely receive.

Possessing the skills of professional photographer and being the Bachelor of Media Design and Advertising I know how to make visual presentation in the best way. Colorful and vibrant living I’m leading in combination with an extensive life experience reflecting in my reviews, shaping them in a special, sparkling manner with an add of zest.

Natali Budzei


I would like to introduce you my confederate Natali Budzei. She is an alumni of the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (MBA) and Institute of International Relations (Bachelor and Master).


Based on her degree she is qualified to have her academic opinion about her experience in the eating houses. In meanwhile, she is also an art expert and has a vision on the restaurant experience from the artistic point of view. Natali as well enjoys travelling all over the world and dining in the most trending spots. She is my co-pilot in Dubai and abroad, together we deguste various cuisine to give you truly genuine impression.

Karina Kapris


Meet Karina Kapris! Social media marketing is the main field of this young lady, who is not only beautiful, but also extremely smart.


Karina is a talented blogger, SM Influencer and since several years – my dearest friend. Together we travel across countless restaurants in UAE, so by the end of the day you could read about our experience in my reviews and make the best choice for yourself. Karina, from her side, working on social media marketing part of this project, also she is responsible for PR and instagram advertising.