The Noodle House

Simple yet upbeat Asian experience in Dubai

The concept of the restaurant i would call “ casual-deli”. A place where fish or chicken will be served to you in a plane yet beautiful way, big portions, mild prices, rich taste. What else does one need for a workaday lunch or a laid-back catch up with friends ? Luckily there are 6 Noodle Houses around the town- from Madinat Jumeirah through The Dubai Mall and DIFC to Bur Dubai. My favorite one is in Dubai Mall, probably because I spend most of the time in that part of the city. A perfect shopping break spot! Conveniently located at the lower grand floor with the beautiful outdoor seating along the promenade facing the famous Burj Khalifa and the fountains. This dining house has everything you need to relax in such a bustling place as The World’s Biggest Mall. Drinking jasmine tea and enjoying the stunning water show is one of my favorite things to do in DM. Of course in Summer it’s too hot for the terrace, but The Noodle House offers an indoor parlour as well, everything is in traditional style with red-black wooden decor.
The menu is pretty large, on the pictures you can see what you’ll get. It’s all about traditional Asian food from dumpling and satay to rice, ramen and of course the noodle ! How do you like your noodle, do you know already? Here you can try them the way you never had them before ! My personal favorites are the zesty lemongrass sea bass with green curry, fragrant galangal crust and jasmine rice as well as sweet and sour chicken with bell peppers and pineapple, also I love local dumplings, they whether prawn or duck both are delicious ! Service is pretty good, waiters are always smiling, are polite and groomed, order is served quite fast.
Due to a wide choice of the restaurants along the promenade The Noodle House is never crowded, so you easily can pick any place you like, my favorite are those tables with the Burj view, they bring the special “I’m in a fabulous Dubai” kind of mood, especially when the fountain show takes place. I believe those small things should remind us how lucky we are to be able to stay in one of the most amazing places on Earth. Otherwise we are busy with work, running across the city or just doing shopping and simply can’t stop for a minute to appreciate the moment. The terrace of this restaurant is, on my opinion, one of the right places to “stop and smell the roses” I would recommend The Noodle House if you want to enjoy simple things in life, catch up with friends for a casual meal or as a “pit stop” during your shopping race in the Mall. I like those beautiful vibes of the place, very light and warm.