What happens when you use someone’s photo

Something you never though about while taking pictures from the internet

How many of us posting photos we haven’t taken? I’m talking now about those beautiful, creative and unique shots of places, subjects or events we use on your social media sometimes. People who are “living under some else’s identity” and constantly sharing pictures that belong to others are not the case we discussing now. I’m saying about those who just from time to time reposting beautiful photos they got from famous profiles. Let’s talk about what in this case will be a tribute, what will be thievery and how this can impact your life in the way you can’t even imagine. First of all I want tell you what it takes to make one of those stunning shots you admire on social media. By looking at a breathtaking view or a luxury brunch on my page not many of you know that to take one photo sometimes I spent much more then just few hundred dollars.

Now imagine you are a professional photographer. This is what you will gonna do to get one of those pictures:

1. You traveling to a place. Sometimes it can be another end of the world.

2. Then you arrange the access to the location. Usually it will also cost money, sometimes good connections are needed as well.

3. You create a composition. In my case- you will have to buy the best and most beautiful dishes in a menu. Oh, by the way, just for your information, some meals are not only difficult to get but also they are pretty expensive. Did you know that, for example, an afternoon TEA in Burj al Arab coats 200 $ per person + you will need to have connections to get the best table, not just any window table that you can just book for additional price. Creating composition also included arranging the subjects, finding the right angle, light etc which is a job and takes time.

4. After the picture has been taken you editing it on a big screen with the help of professional software. This may take from few hours to few days depending on many different factors.

As the creator of this photo you invested in it priceless time that you will never get back, your energy, talent and sometimes a lot of money. Knowing all these now, tell me, how would you react if someone would take your photo without your permission and use it as their own ?

Lately I’m finding my pictures on many social media accounts, they know very well from where they taking photos, but most of them even did not have the courtesy to ask permission to use my property! Neither they mention my name while using it. Most of all I do not tolerate when some “luxury lifestyle accounts” putting “like” on my picture and after few minutes I find my photos on their page without mentioning my name. Usually I kindly comment the photo with something like: “you probably forgot to mention the photographer (smiley)”, often they just ignore my comment. Unfortunately, I have neither time nor will to fight these kind of people. “Indirectly” giving my work for their own, this people getting more followers, admiration and honours. And this, my friends, called stealing!

Photography is a relative new profession and this is why not many people see it as a “normal” hard work. Let’s get back to the times before iPhone and Canon. Imagine. You are an entrepreneur, you making hand pressed lemonade for sale. You invested money, time, your energy, creativity and made several litres of lemonade. Standing on the street and trying to sell your product. How would you like if a stranger would take your lemonade behind your back without paying? This is exactly how we feel when our photos are taken on the sly. Now imagine same street, same lemonade and a stranger that takes your product, goes to another street, tells everyone how good your lemonade is and leads costumers straight to you! This is what happens when someone takes your picture, and mentions you in a post. Yes, my photos are for sale if you are interested you can buy them. Don’t mix it with taking music or movies from the internet. I’m not supporting piracy though let’s face the fact- all movie and music tracks are “signed” by their authors. Even if someone will illegally download Rihanna’s last hit, still everyone will know who’s work this song is and even more glory will flow Rihanna’s way. Less money, but at least more fame. In photography business authors do not sign their work, also because of the aesthetic reasons (even if few of them do- it is very easy to “erase” this kind of signature). So a lot of stunning pictures are reposted without any tribute or profit for those who spent a lot to create them.

How taking someone’s photo on the sly can affect your life from the point of the Universe’s Laws. What are those laws exactly and why this should even bother you? In nutshell- there are Rules of Life if you follow them (no matter whether you know them or not) your life is going smooth, all is great and you feel lucky, if you are going again the rules… well… life’s not good with you then- health problems, relationships troubles, money issues etc. Learning these laws and how to use them is a whole separate topic. However I would like to share with you now one of the laws which is similar to physic law: if in one place something increase then in another place it will decrease. The law of energy flow. Universe can not stand imbalance and will always balance everything straight away. If you will take something without giving at least a word in return, the Universe will automatically take something from you to restore the balance. Whether you know it, believe it… or not… it works, always. I hope this article gave you some new information and you will think twice before using photo property of others. Of course I’m only talking about the cases when you know who the author of the photo is!

Wishing you creativity and may your own pictures be even better then those you admire in the internet!